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The purpose of the this journal is to showcase music that could be classified as 'techmonium', music whilst very chaotic and all over the place is very technical and calibrated. With this community we can publicize/share bands that fit into this genre and find more that we would potentially like and then be able to listen to.

If you are curious what this actually sounds like check out the artists listed in the "interests" section, as most can be found on SoulSeek or www.hxcmp3.com. If you are too lazy to do that I'll attempt to describe the sound. The vocals range from higher screams to lower growls, but never are they sung. Musically their are definite influences from such bands as Converge, Discordance Axis and The Dillinger Escape Plan. While there is definitely a metal sound there is also elements of grindcore and even screamo. The drums are incredibly fast often and play weird timings.

While you might say it's pointless to have a new genre, but these bands don't fit into any preexisting genre but definitely have a similar sound. As this is a fairly new genre it might seem nitpicky, but at some point all new sounds do. I'm sure there are tons of these bands that nobody really knows about so please feel free to publicize.

If you didn't catch on, techmonium = technical + pandemonium.

For those that have SoulSeek: There is a chatroom 'techmonium' that I started to supplement this. To get into the room there are a few steps:

1. Right click on the bottom of the chat room list and click 'Refresh Room List'
2. Click on any chat room once then type "techmonium" (without the quotation marks)
3. The chatroom techmonium should now be highlighted. Double click it.
4. Right click the chat room and click Toggle Room Autojoin, this way you will automatically enter the room when you come onto SoulSeek.
5. Chat it up.