As long as we're all living, we're all dying (aslongashc) wrote in techmonium,
As long as we're all living, we're all dying

Two super tech bands, and two less tech bands..

TOMORROW: Metal and hardcore basement show-

The bad news is Exosus had to drop off this bill. The good news is now all the bands will have time to play a few extra songs..

The Hoss can be found at: 96 Chestnut hill ave in Brighton, Ma. This lies somewhere between brighton center and cleavland circle in brookline. You can get to chestnut hill ave on the B,C,D Green line trains or the 65 Bus.

More information on what im doing can be found here:
More information on my band can be found here:
Email: Bloodbathrecords@ for questions about the show
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